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Who’s Playdius?

Playdius is the publishing branch of Plug In Digital, one of the leaders of Games Digital Distribution.

We add to our mothership salesforce an extended support for our partner studios:

  • PR, Marketing & Events
  • Production Consulting
  • Funding & Business Dev with 3rd Party Partners

Our strong worlwide partners network allow us to help our studios to give their project to a full new ambition: more visibility, easy console releases, new markets opportunities, brand partnerships…

What Games?

Playdius focuses on PC, Consoles & Mobile Premium Games. With some twists.

On PC & Consoles we are looking for midcore to hardcore games, with a preference for those with multiplatforms potential (PC + Consoles). We do not have a genre or a non negotiable editorial line. Our line fits our baseline “Play Outside the box”, meaning that we are looking for games that do bring something different, a new experience, new thrills, to the players.

On the Mobile side, we are looking for more casual / mainstream games. We currently focus on premium interactive stories such as A Normal Lost Phone or Bury Me, My Love.

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If you would like to work with us, send us your game’s presentation through this contact form.

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